“No hate speech”: Register for the launch of WACC Europe’s new report and guide

WACC Europe is launching its report: Breaking Down the Social Media Divides: A Guide for Individuals and Communities to Address Hate Online on Tuesday, October 13.

Register in advance for the free seminar launch on Zoom, October 13, 10-11am Central European Time:

Click to register for the online report launch

Places are limited. Registrations will be confirmed based on available space. 

The online launch will introduce the report and guidelines, hear from people who respond to hateful content in their personal and organisational social media, and learn of other efforts in Europe to counter hate speech.

The report and guidelines comes out of a one-year project to identify and promote strategies to counter online hate speech particularly focused on refugees and migrants, supported by the Otto per Mille Fund of the Waldensian Church in Italy. 

The purpose is to identify social media methodologies and campaigns that effectively bridge attitudinal divides on migration and other divisive issues in European society, to promote the voices of refugees and migrants and other marginalised people through social media platforms, and inspire multi-organizational campaigns that support tolerance and inclusion.

The focus on social media comes out of previous media monitoring conducted in seven European countries by WACC Europe and the Churches’ Commission for Migrants in Europe. The results of this project, Changing the Narrative: Media Representation of refugees and Migrants in Europe – revealed general patterns of invisibility and misrepresentation and highlighted the need for direct inclusion of the voices and opinions of refugees and migrants in stories about them.