‘Everyone is entitled to a public voice’

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‘Everyone is entitled to a public voice’

Statement by WACC General Secretary Philip Lee on the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, October 17, 2020 

“Acting together to achieve social and environmental justice for all” is vital at a time when social, political, and economic inequalities are increasing the risk of geopolitical and social conflict. 

The only way forward is constructive dialogue about solutions and cooperation. 

In this respect, public communication acts as a safety valve for an open and democratic society. Unfortunately, public communication spaces in which people can exchange opinions and ideas and thereby contribute to and shape public discourse have been shrinking. This is of especial concern when people living in poverty are being marginalised or silenced. Their participation, knowledge, and experience are essential to building a fairer and more balanced society. Everyone is entitled to a public voice. To eradicate poverty, we must speak, listen, and act in solidarity.

Photo above: Hunger and drought in Puntland, Somalia, by Håvard Bjelland/Kirkens Nødhjelp/ACT Alliance