Changing the Narrative Celebrates Final Projects and Graduation

Journalist Training Program on Migrants and Refugees

On 9 June 2022, the Africa, Europe, and Middle East regional associations of WACC celebrated the conclusion of their cross-regional journalist training program, Changing the Narrative. The six-month intensive learning and networking opportunity brought together a diverse group of journalists to strengthen coverage of refugees and migrants in media.

The journalists proposed stories emerging from their unique contexts and produced written, radio, podcast, and other types of projects. We congratulate the students on their successful completion of Changing the Narrative and encourage you to enjoy and share their work.

Participant Projects

This section will be updated as projects are finalized for publication.

Amina Deka Asma

Amina Deka Asma is a multimedia journalist who is currently working as a podcast producer for podcasting company Volume. Her interests lie in social justice, education and issues faced by marginalised groups of people. Her personal writing focuses on the realities that comes with being a Black woman and former refugee living in South Africa. For Changing the Narrative, she is working on a series of interview podcasts called Seeking Refugee.

The first episode is available here, click to listen. 

Anamê Gnanguenon

Anamê Gnanguenon has both French and Beninese citizenship. After her master’s degree in religions and societies, she specialized in modern Arabic in television and print media at the Institut Français du Proche-Orient in Beirut (Lebanon). In 2019, she became engaged with the  Anti-Racism Movement (ARM) organization as Community Advocacy Coordinator to maintain community building activities and migrant workers’ rights workshops. She works to encourage space for discussions around black feminism and to strengthen women-led initiatives. She is working in direct contact with migrant domestic workers for advocacy campaigns, media campaigns to give more visibility to the migrant community’s fieldwork and women initiatives.

She led collaboration with other members of the Changing the Narrative on a four-part podcast with migrant domestic workers. Click links to listen.

Episode 1 
Episode 2 
Episode 3
Episode 4 (Amharic Episode)

Giulia Tringali

Giulia Tringali is a freelance journalist of @fuorifuoco.como. She completed her civil service at Mani Tese NGO and recently graduated from her master’s degree in politics for international cooperation and development. She is passionate about human rights, migration, and local development. She sees journalism as a way to fight injustice.

Giulia researched a written and photo story on the University Corridors for Refugees project (UNICORE). Click here to read a PDF version of UNICORE: The Voices of the Protagonists.

Giulia also collaborated with Teresa Di Mauro on a podcast project on Nigerian women in Italy. Click here for episode 1
Click here for episode 2

Johnny Fisher

Johnny supports Amplifying Voices’ partners using community-centred media to get people talking, listening and taking action together. He facilitates media workshops with partners in Pakistan, Uganda, Malawi, Sierra Leone. His own writing primarily aims to build connection between partners and the charity’s supporters and donors. Johnny undertook an assessment and training project within his own organisation to evaluate and improve Amplyfying Voices’ work.

Click here for Changing Our Narratives (PDF).
Click here for Solutions Journalism (PPT). 

Killian Ngala

Killian Ngala is an award-winning Cameroonian journalist with nearly 20 years of experience. After working for the Cameroon state broadcaster, CRTV for 15 years, he joined the BBC for three years before going back to freelancing. His work has been published or broadcast on international news organizations including CNN, Dpa, IPS, and Crux.

I love my country, but can’t go back there yet.” by Killian Ngala for Timescape Magazine.

Seblewongel Tariku

Seblewongel Tariku is a freelance journalist with 15 years experience. She is from Ethiopia now living in Finland. She works as a freelance journalist in the area of migration and refugees, as well as conflict areas in sub-Saharan Africa. Previously she worked in Ethiopia as a political columnist. Her work has included conflict areas in Cameroon, Chad, and Mozambique.

For Changing the Narrative, Seble collaborated with other participants on podcast episode on migrant workers in Lebanon. Click here for Episode 4 (Amharic Episode) of Femmes Coupable (Women of the Blame).

She also worked on a written story on media perceptions of migrants in Finland, especially contrasting Ukrainians with Iraqis and Afghans, click here for PDF version. She paired her story with a podcast episode. Click here to listen.

Rekiatu Musa Jingi

Rekiatu Musa Jingi has over 8 years’ experience working as an investigative journalist and human rights advocate. Currently she works for a state broadcaster where her documentaries and reports address issues concerning refugees and migrants, women’s rights, sexual reproductive health. Her objective is to break barriers and change the narrative using her communication, writing, and culinary skills. Rekiatu holds a BSc in journalism and mass communication. She founder of Go Getters Women Africa a non-governmental organization and CEO of Roukys Delice a restaurant that trains girls, women, and refugees on culinary art while exploring the redistribution of cooked food and fresh groceries to help the needy.

Rekiatu produced a radio documentary for Changing the Narrative on Wonder Women. Click here to listen. 

Teresa Di Mauro

Teresa Di Mauro is an Italian freelance journalist who focuses on Caucasus affairs, migration, minorities and conflicts. She is currently a second year Erasmus Mundus masters student in journalism at Charles University in Prague. Teresa collaborated with others in the Changing the Narrative program on two podcast series.

The first is a four-part podcast with migrant domestic workers in Lebanon. Click links to listen.

Episode 1 
Episode 2 
Episode 3
Episode 4 (Amharic Episode)

The second is a series with Giulia Tringali on Nigrerian women in Italy.

Click here for episode 1
Click here for episode 2