New WACC Global Board to hold first meeting

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New WACC Global Board to hold first meeting

The new WACC UK Board of Directors is meeting in London on 10–12 May to receive reports on WACC’s program, finances, membership, and outreach and to rearticulate the vision and mission of the global organization for communication rights.

The Directors will hear from each of the organization’s eight regional associations to ensure WACC’s activities and advocacy are anchored in regional realities as the Board reaffirms strategic directions for the future. The governing body will also recognize outgoing Treasurer Dr Stephen Brown for his service to WACC.

In the context of the meeting, WACC Global is welcoming fellow members of the Communicating with Disaster-Affected Communities (CDAC) Network and representatives of like-minded communications and development organisations for a mid-day public seminar on 11 May.

Titled “Development and Digital Access: Are we fostering equitable pathways to inclusion?” the in-person event features a keynote presentation on decolonizing digital communication, with a human rights and gender-equality perspective from Africa by Sarah Macharia WACC program manager for Gender and Communication and global coordinator of the Global Media Monitoring Project (GMMP). Responses are being brought by a panel comprising Corinne Barnes, WACC’s Director for the Caribbean region, and representatives from Meta, Christian Aid, and BBC Media Action.

The WACC UK Board of Directors has oversight of the global organization, including its policies and priorities. The governing body for 2023–27 consists of Embert Charles, President; Juha Rajamäki, Treasurer; Mathilde Kpalla, Vice-President, Africa; Vincent Rajkumar, Asia; Corinne Barnes, Caribbean; Alba Sabaté Gauxachs, Europe; David Morales Alba, Latin America; Rania Rashad William, Middle East; Gregg Brekke, North America; Netani Rika, Pacific; Philip Lee, General Secretary (Ex Officio); and Jim McDonnell, Director Resident in England and Wales.

Contact WACC for more information about and registration for the “Development and Digital Access” seminar on 11 May.

Cover of WACC’s Annual Report 2022 showing civil society advocates raising their voices for climate justice.
Photo: Life on Earth/Albin Hillert