Global input invited for actions to promote ‘Communication for Social Justice in a Digital Age’

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Global input invited for actions to promote ‘Communication for Social Justice in a Digital Age’

The fruits of a September symposium on Communication for Social Justice in a Digital Age” are being shared globally—with an invitation to contribute to an action plan for steps on the way to digital justice.The manifesto drawn up at the symposium is being distributed, along with a full round-up of the symposium with links to videos, resources and ideas for follow up.

“This exciting initiative requires the support of organisations and activists north, south, east and west if we are to bring about social progress in the digital age,” said Philip Lee, general secretary of the World Association for Christian Communication (WACC), who, with the World Council of Churches (WCC) and other partners, organized the symposium. “Many voices are needed to ensure the kind of diversity and balance that genuinely leaves no one behind,” he continued.

The manifesto sets out the global context, theological perspectives, issues and challenges, and principles that are needed to promote communication for social justice in a digital age.

It calls for a transformative movement” for change that requires global participation and action.

“To achieve digital justice, we need a transformative movement of individuals, communities, educational institutions, media agencies, and civil society – including communities of faith,” states the manifesto. We need government policies and actions that are informed and supported by civil society, founded on human dignity, human rights, and democratic principles.”

The organizers of the symposium are inviting specific proposals for steps to carry out the actions outlined in the manifesto. In addition to the WCC and WACC, co-organizers were Brot für die Welt (Bread for the World), the Evangelical Church in Germany, Evangelische Mission Weltweit (Association of Protestant Churches and Missions in Germany), and the World Student Christian Federation.

Marianne Ejdersten, WCC director of communication, noted that the manifesto, and the actions we can take together to ensure a more just digital future will be shared with the WCC central committee in February and beyond.

“The digital revolution,  which has accelerated during the COVID-19 pandemic, gives us new opportunities for connection but also new challenges to our sense of community,” Ejdersten said.

We invite people to study the document individually and in faith communities. We need to hear your vision of where you can act—or what youre already doing.”

Suggestions will be compiled into an initial toolkit of actions published on 5 November, which will continue to be updated.

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Read the Manifesto

Full information and resources about the symposium and follow up